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How to refer friends

Refer MatDespatch to your friends using your referral code and they can get free credits. You will also get free credits for as long as your friends continue using MatDespatch

You will get 1% from the top up amount for every top up your friend make. Forever.
Your friend will get 5% free credits on their first top up using your referral code.
Commission will be credited to your MatDespatch account every time your referred friends successfully top up.

How to refer friends?

Log in to dashboard here
Click on Refer a friend on the left menu
Invite your friends by entering the emails in the box provided or by sharing your unique referral link

Pro Tip: Use the Facebook and Twitter share button to directly share to your social media profiles.

Once you’ve invited your friends, watch the page to monitor your friends' progress.

Increase the chance of getting free credits by helping your friends with the process of using

Watch this video for a more detailed tutorial:

Updated on: 11/14/2018

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