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Practical tips for high quality service

At all times:
Maintain your vehicles with proper servicing to avoid any sudden breakdown.
Dress appropriately.
Do not take more tasks than you can commit.

At pick up:
Greet sender by name (“Selamat pagi Encik Ali, saya dari MatDespatch”).
Confirm the item, task and destination.
Advise on any outstanding amount (Cash delivery).
Thank the sender for using MatDespatch service.

During the delivery:
Update receiver on your estimates arrival time.
Drive safely and adhere to traffic rules and speed limits.
Use navigation apps to get the best routes to the destination.

At drop off:
Park your vehicle at a suitable place.
Update receiver on your arrival and greet receiver by name (“Selamat pagi Ms Susan, saya dari MatDespatch”).
Handover the item to the receiver and let receiver inspect and confirm the item.
Advise on any outstanding amount (Cash delivery, COD).

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Updated on: 07/09/2018

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